Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roast of Charlie Sheen Dominates Social Media

Charlie Sheen RoastThe premiere of Two and a Half Men sans Charlie Sheen aired on Monday night, "conveniently" at the same time as The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. Coincidence? I think not. However, despite losing its main character, the show, which replaced Sheen with Ashton Kutcher, received 28 million viewers, the largest audience for any episode in show history. And while it may seem that Two and a Half Men is thumbing its nose at Sheen, the "total freaking rock star from Mars" himself was all full of "winning" Monday night, on the social media front that is.

While Kutcher and Men may have won the ratings battle, it was Sheen and his roast that won the the social media battle garnering nearly 400,000 tweets throughout the night while Two and a Half Men clambered behind with only 150,000 according to Visible Technologies.

Bluefin Labs, a Social TV Analytics platform, also released their numbers for the show's discussion on a plethora of social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and thousands of fans located on micro-blogs. Sheen stood on top of his internet throne bringing in a total of 148,000 comments from 98,000 unique posters. Compare that to the 92,000 total comments from 75,000 unique posters on Two and a Half Men and it looks like Charlie Sheen is smoking the show harder than the seven gram rocks he is already famous for.

The best part, at least for Sheen, is that Two and a Half Men didn't even come in second place overall for the night. In addition to Sheen's roast, Dancing with the Stars also beat out Kutcher and his premiere. The famous tweeter that he is, Kutcher added his own tweet on Monday writing, "Man I wish I had the east coast feed so I could watch it with you all... #2.5." But Kutcher wasn't the only celebrity hitting the Twitter feeds as Sheen sent a plethora of tweets from his viewing party on Monday night, giving thanks to friends, family, fans and roasters alike.

"Thank you @comedycentral...! I'm moved... speechless and grateful! (and glad it's over...) Well done my friends. Well done!" Sheen tweeted Monday night. As far as ratings for the roast, it didn't do too bad either. Sheen's roast was the most-watched roast in Comedy Central history, gathering 6.4 million total viewers and delivering a 4.5 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter - Charlie Sheen's Roast Wins Social Media Battle

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