Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twitter Acquires Julpan

On Wednesday, September 21 Ori Allon, the creator of Google’s Orion search technology and founder of Julpan, announced a deal with Twitter. Julpan is a company that analyzes social media, and Twitter has just acquired it.

"I am very proud to announce that Julpan has been acquired by Twitter," Allon wrote on "We founded Julpan more than a year ago. In that time we've created innovative, early-alpha-stage search technology that analyzes social activity across the Web to deliver fresh and relevant content to users. "

"Twitter houses an industry-leading engineering team that is tackling some of the Internet's most interesting opportunities. With more than 230 million tweets per day on every subject imaginable, Twitter gives us a chance to make an even greater contribution toward instantly bringing people closer to what is most meaningful to them. We look forward to joining forces with Twitter's engineering team to explore how we can best integrate and optimize Julpan's innovations.”

"I'd like to personally thank the talented engineers, architects and designers of Julpan. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people with whom to invent some of the world's best social search technology."

Until Wednesday, Allon had been the CEO of Julpan, but in his post he signed it “Director of Engineering, Twitter.” So far, there has not been any mention of the financial details of this deal.

In 2006 Allon sold the rights to Orion to Google. He then worked for Google until last year when he left to start Julpan. Julpan allows users to sort through blogs, tweets and online social content "to help determine what exactly people care about at any given moment."

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