Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Media Users Love Coffee, Something that Surprises Nobody

Starbucks Internet CafeWe already know that social media users love beer, but a new report from Amplicate has also found that social media users also love American coffee chains. The most popular bean brewers in the states, as far as social media users are concerned, is definitely Starbucks with 89% of users expressed positive opinions about the Seattle-based coffee king. In addition to that, social media users were the most positive about Starbucks' sweet specialty coffees, specifically the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Caramel Mocha.

What's even better is that no American coffee chain performed poorly on the survey, though Dunkin Donuts was the least favored over the past year with only 77% of the comments about the chain being positive. Social media users also criticized the company's iced coffee and expressed some dissatisfaction with its bagels. Nearly 80,000 opinions were posted by social media users in the past 12 months, in which they shared over 42 million times. Other coffee chains that were mentioned included Caribou Coffee, Tully's Coffee, Peet's Coffee and Tea and Costa Coffee.

It could be surmised that there is a definite connection between social media usage and the coffee shops where users tend to gather to use free WiFi and get a little work done. This report also revealed that fans of coffee chains were not only more vocal than the same chains' detractors, but their opinions reverberated further through the internet. The average fan of coffee chains had 573 friends or followers on social media sites with the average detractor only having 402 friends or followers. However, how you determine a fan from a detractor is simply based on whether the opinion expressed was positive or negative, according to some.

These results are not at all surprising, however, as many coffee shops have always been havens for those constantly working on the go. Plus, coffee shops also set themselves up to be social places, whether it's to discuss work issues or to catch up with friends or family. The most common coffee shop conversations? Talking about the coffee and the shop itself.

Source: Technorati - New Report Reveals Social Media Users Love Coffee

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