Thursday, December 01, 2011

Need to Vent? You Can Now Use More Than 60,000 Characters on Facebook

Facebook just announced that users now have the opportunity to share more than 60,000 characters as their status update if they choose.

"In September we increased the character limit on status updates to 5,000 characters," Vadim Lavrusik, journalist program manager at Facebook, wrote on the site. "Today we're announcing that you can now write posts with more than 60,000 characters."

The actual status update character limit is 63,206. Bob Baldwin, the software engineer that made the change for Facebook, said, “I set the exact limit to something nerdy.”

"Facebook ... Face Boo K ... hex(FACE) - K ... 64206 - 1000 = 63206 :-)," he wrote.

An image that was posted on Facebook about the new amount of character space for statuses brought up the point that “a novel has roughly 500,000 characters. This could be shared in nine posts.”

The image also takes a trip back in time to Facebook’s earliest days. Originally, Facebook was very Twitter-like. It limited users to 160 characters. In March 2009 Facebook expanded that to 420 characters. In July 2011 the character limit was boosted to 500 characters, and then two months later it made the leap to 5,000 characters. Now, users have 63,206 characters to vent with; however, I know that if my friends start writing status updates with over 60,000 characters, they will find themselves blocked. Who on earth needs that many characters? I think that it is slightly over the top.

Although I think that Facebook is now giving users way too many characters, maybe some users will enjoy this new freedom. I just hope that this new freedom doesn’t become ridiculous.

Source: PCMag - Facebook Boosts Character Limit to Over 60,000

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