Wednesday, January 25, 2012

McDonald's Kicks Off #LittleThings Twitter Campaign

Needless to say, McDonald's last foray into Twitter campaigns didn't exactly pan out. The campaign, themed #McDstories, garnered harsh criticism, but this hasn't stopped the restaurant giant from starting a brand new Twitter campaign on Wednesday. This new attempt is known as #LittleThings and was introduced with the following tweet on McDonald's official Twitter page, "No line at the bank, a large tax refund, & those extra fries at the bottom of the bag. What are some #LittleThings that bring you joy?"

Naturally, this campaign slogan, if you will, has a very wide berth for interpretation, which could prove devastating for McDonald's. However, very few people have used the campaign to openly bash the fast food giant or by going in different directions with the hashtag. Some of the responses to the campaign include "a good cup of coffee" and "a child's laugh."

These are drastically more positive than the stories of the $McDstories campaign, which produced wonderful mental images of "Fingernail in my Big Mac once" and "ordered a McDouble. Something in the damn thing chipped my molar." However, there may be another problem with this Twitter campaign aside from horror stories of the restaurant. DoublTree by Hilton also recently launched a campaign on Twitter with the same hashtag.

McDonald's currently has 300,000 followers on Twitter as well as 13.8 million fans on Facebook, numbers that can be attributed to strong brand recognition. However, McDonald's has also been largely tentative with its use of social media. This trend started to slowly change last year when the LivingSocial deal was launched, offering a booklet of five Big Mac vouchers and five vouchers for large fries for $13, or half of the original price. In addition to that, McDonald's ran a program in December crowdsourcing 10 mini-movies that promoted the newest addition to the McDonald's menu, McBites.

More information about McDonald's social media strategy is on the horizon according to the company's social media director Rick Winon, who also stated, "We are actually launching a larger-scale social effort for a new menu item that includes but goes far beyond Twitter soon."

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