Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Privacy Concerns Remain Despite Changes

Facebook PrivacyAccording to users, most social networking sites these days don't do enough to protect the privacy and security of their users. A recent survey has shown that both privacy and security concerns are still persistent for many users on Facebook, despite the social networking site's recent attempt to address such concerns.

With regard to all the concerns users have, security and privacy are still the top two according to research from the Social Media Habits and Privacy Concerns Survey administered by uSamp. uSamp surveyed almost 600 men and women from across the country about their active social media accounts and the types of information they put on them.

Social media is dominated by Facebook with 80% of all those surveyed logging into the site regularly. The second highest was YouTube with 46%, followed by Twitter at 33% and, surprisingly, MySpace with 32%. The main thing this survey found was that even though 65% of the survey takers said they were pretty comfortable with their privacy protections, they were still concerned about privacy risks.

28% of the survey takers showed some level of discomfort about the privacy protections offered by their social media site of choice. What's more is that of all the people who stay away from these sites, a staggering 73% say they stay away due to privacy concerns. In addition to that, the survey found that social media users are aware that they need to express caution about what they reveal. However, they also believe that companies aren't doing enough to protect their privacy either.

Nearly 85% of those surveyed stated that users should be primarily responsible for their own privacy, though at the same time 75% agreed that the sites themselves should also assume responsibility for the protection of their users' privacy. According to uSamp Vice President Lisa Wilding-Brown, "User privacy is an enormously dynamic area, and even as site operators attempt to address the issue, consumer perceptions are slow to change."

Source: Information Week - Social Media Survey: Privacy, Security Concerns Persist

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