Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romney Expected to Win Big on Super Tuesday According to Social Media

Media tracking company SocialMatica has predicted that Mitt Romney will regain his front-runner status in the GOP presidential race after he successfully wins Super Tuesday. If you don't know, Super Tuesday is the Tuesday in February or March when the greatest number of states holds primary elections.

SocialMatica's analytic dashboards show that Romney will win seven of the ten Super Tuesday states, including Alaska, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Vermont, Tennessee, Virginia and Ohio, which happens to be a big swing state. Opposing Romney, Newt Gingrich is expected to win Georgia (his home state) with Ron Paul winning his very first contests in North Dakota and Idaho. SocialMatica also noted that Rick Santorum isn't expected to win any states.

According to CEO of SocialMatica Gary Hermansen, "What surprised me is that traditional media is focusing on Rick Santorum, but he ranks no higher than third in our social analytic measurement."

The data compiled by SocialMatica also revealed how candidates will perform on Super Tuesday as well as what issues are most important to voters in each of the Super Tuesday states. This data was collected from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online forums and LinkedIn. The data discovered that in Alaska, the Tea Party, church, environment and economy are important topics to consider in the state's primary contest. Georgia, on the other hand, focuses on education, budget and military issues.

These numbers will be updated daily until Super Tuesday arrives to reflect the most current statistics. According to Hermansen, "This is a living analysis. I think people utilize social media as their real time interactive conversation now instead of just depending on what they read or what is fed to them."

Source: Chicago Tribune - Social Media Analysis Predicts Big Romney Win on Super Tuesday

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