Saturday, March 03, 2012

Windows Phones: Fastest on Social Sites

 Are the new Windows phones fastest at loading and updating social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin? Fastest at uploading photos to social sites?

Well Ben 'the PC Guy' put a $100 bet that the Windows phone is faster at social networking updates then any phone.

Here are some of the challenges:

- Checking the weather in two locations.
-Play a song, identify song, find it in the marketplace, download it, play it.
-Take a picture of each other, tag it with our self, then post to Facebook.
-Post the word "Hello" to social network, to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
-Text our favorite people, "Hello."

 All sorts of challenges were made. In every case, the Windows Phone Won and no money was paid.

The reason why the phone was so fast is because there are buttons for each social media site. The contest was about usability. All you need to do to take a picture and upload it by pressing a button two times. Plus Ben was a very fast texter. He was what you call and expert.

It is unclear if there is a Google + Button, but I would doubt it.

Full Disclosure: I have an android HTC Thunderbolt. This video presentation was very interesting to me. I will consider the Windows phone at my next upgrade time.

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