Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Does Twitter's Safety Team Censor Free Speech?

Did you know Twitter has a Trust and Safety Team?

Apparently neither did Journalist Guy Adams who had his account suspended for a violation that turned to to be a NON-violation after all, essentially limiting Mr. Adams' right to free speech on their platform. This also limited access to Mr. Adams' Twitter stream, where he obtains news and information necessary to do his job as a journalist.

The good news.... Once Twitter realized its mistake, they re-activated Guy Adams' account. Problem solved, right? Wrong.

It's disturbing that Twitter and its legal counsel advised NBC that they should file a complaint so that Twitter could then act on it by banning journalist Adams. That's not right, Twitter should declare itself neutral to all things political/corporate. By suspending accounts willy nilly, Twitter is engaged in the ugly world of limiting free speech and choosing up political sides.

Spike Lee didn't get banned for tweeting the home address of Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, yet a well known journalist was banned for tweeting a widely available company email address.

Clearly Spike Lee violated Twitter's privacy policy and Guy Adams did not.

Spike Lee advances the Main Stream Media Agenda and Guy Adams tweets against one of the biggest MSM entities, NBC.

Is there a double standard? Is Twitter choosing sides on issues? If so, this is something that can destroy the Free Speech Platform that Twitter has been recognized for worldwide.

Some damage has been done. There has been a huge backlash against Twitter's heavy-handedness.

Yesterday Washington Times reporter Jim Picht wondered if free speech was now a myth with Twitter in a piece he titled: 

Twitter's Olympic-NBC fail and the myth of free speech.

In that article Picht writes, "Twitter seems unprepared for the firestorm it ignited. A company that has helped define social media seems not to have understood the power of social media. On the other hand, users of social media themselves seem to misunderstand what they’re using."

If Twitter is going to control who is allowed to post based on politics then Twitter should make their users aware of that so they may make an informed decision regarding the use of that platform.

As for now... Twitter is the forum to complain about ....Twitter. Use hashtag #NBCFail and happy tweeting, my friends.

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