Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google's Perfect Answer to Secrecy: PFS

I'm just back for SMX Advanced in Seattle, Washington where I personally attended this session. One area I found interesting was Google's response to Government Spying through perfect forwarding secrecy*. Begin at the 38:15 mark when Danny Sullivan asks Matt Cutts about 'not provided' results' in Google Analytics. From here Matt takes us into a world of high tech government spying, Cory Doctorow's free novel, 'Little Brother' and the Google implementation encrypted through SSL, elliptic curve cryptography,  and perfect forwarding.
"We need to have as much encrypted traffic on the web as possible." - Matt Cutts, Google Spam Team Leader
Why you should care about surveillance I got tired of people savvying me about the revelations of NSA surveillance and asking why anyone would care about secret, intrusive spying, so I wrote a new Guardian column about it, "The NSA's Prism: why we should care." Continued on Cory Doctorow's Blog,
*Perfect forward secrecy (PFS) refers to the notion that compromise of a single key will permit access to only data protected by a single key. For PFS to exist, the key used to protect transmission of data must not be used to derive any additional keys, and if the key used to protect transmission of data was derived from some other keying material, that material must not be used to derive any more keys. Source:

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