Sunday, December 15, 2013

Does Instagram Feel Threatened By Snapchat?

Every so often we see a rivalry between social media sites/apps pop up. In that past we've seen Myspace vs. Facebook. Then came Facebook vs. Twitter. Now we have a battle between the social media apps of Instagram and Snapchat. In case you've been in the dark about these two apps, they are both forms of social media communication that focus on  pictures and text.

This past week, Instagram saw an update to their software that essentially makes it more like the app Snapchat.

Snapchat is more or less exactly what the name suggests. You take a picture for the person you want to receive it and at text to the picture. You can also add a timer for how long the person can view the picture before it is deleted forever. The ability to draw on the picture is also a fun like additive. The software is more a less a way to text someone with more of a focus on pictures instead of actual words.

The question now is if Instagram is feeling threatened by Snapchat.

Seeing as how the update has added all of the same basic functions as Snapchat while still keeping the main ideals of Instagram present, that is a pretty safe bet. While yes there was a big change to Instagram, it still retains it's primary functions. It would seem that now, they have seen the success of Snapchat and are looking to compete with anyone that could take them down. With as quickly as many of these social media trends come and go, it's hard to really blame them.

There are differences still between the new Instagram functions and the Snapchat app. Instagram allows for videos and photos from your camera roll to be available for the direct messaging system, along with filters. Snapchat pictures and videos must be taken within the app. Instagram videos are still longer than Snapchat's videos, but Snapchat does allow for text on the picture or video where Instagram doesn't. Instagram allows for text, but in the form of comments or a message underneath the video when it is sent. Again, they are very subtle differences, but they are big enough to still have both apps be viable social media choices.

We've seen how into the competition Instagram is. The first major update allowed for videos to be shared, much like the app Vine. Now the update to allow Snapchat-esque functions has arrived. Whether it be nerves and feeling threatened, or just trying to stay with the competition, Instagram is doing what they can to stay on top of the media sharing apps.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What's Apple going to do with every tweet since 2006?

According to several financial sources Apple Inc. had bought Topsy for a mere $200 million dollars. All Topsy has to offer is every tweet from right this second (in real time) all the way back to some time in 2006.

So what is Apple going to do with all those tweets?

Some are calling this a 'savvy acquisition' saying the data could be used for analytical data about iPhones, iTunes, iAds and other iStuff.

Apple could use Topsy data for its social networking strategy since it currently has none. Notice there is not a Twitter Logo, nor Facebook logo and certainly not a G+ logo on the Home page.

Apple is very late to the social network party. Perhaps fashionably late. Yet with one fell swoop Apple has obtained a huge amount of social network party data. Perhaps now Apple will hear what all the tweets are about.