Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kik's New Update To Help Developers

Remember growing up how talking to your friends meant everything to you. The ability to call your friends from your home phone was the biggest deal after school. Then came instant messaging. AIM ring any bells? It definitely should, as it was basically texting before texting was texting. After the instant messaging, we saw texting come into light. Now we have hit the age of different messaging apps that allow us to communicate, even without a phone number. Facebook messenger app allowed us to stay in contact with all of our Facebook friends without having to open up the app itself. Recently, Kik has become the new social messaging platform to see incredible growth. It is essentially the new from of AIM, only on your phone and app based. The developers of the app have released a new upgrade as well that may catch a few off guard.

For those that may be unfamiliar with Kik, it's a messaging app that only requires a user name. No phone number required. As long as both users attempting to communicate have the app, a username, and a connection, they will be able to message each other. It has become a somewhat "safer" alternative than giving out your phone number should you want to communicate with someone you may not be familiar with. The newest update to the system now add a web browser to the mix however. The new built-in web browser will grant its user the ability to surf the web without having to leave the app and open up a separate browser app. While it may not seem like much on the surface, this could mean very good things for new web developers. In fact, CEO of Kik, Ted Livingston has even claimed that this update is mainly for developers more so than users.

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While many of the mobile version's of sites have been designed with the apps limitations in mind, making it accessible through Kik may be a bit different. This is why different API's and other tools have been apart of the upgrade. Web developers will now be able to properly integrate a Kik friendly version of their mobile sights into the new Kik web browser. Many of the users won't be thinking about it, but this will save them quite a bit of frustration as well. After all, what good is a web browser if sites don't work or load properly.

The update has also done their best to cater to the app developers as well. Web apps that are normally accessed through the typical browser app of a smartphone, can now be integrated to function properly within the Kik browser as well. This means that some games may become available while still in the Kik app. Overall, this is not a bad upgrade for Kik at all. This particular update has done a great job in terms of networking to other developers to use Kik and help the app grow. If utilized properly, this could stand to put the app up against the top dog social apps out there. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may soon have some competition on their hands.


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