Sunday, February 02, 2014

Paper: The New App From Facebook

Last Thursday, Facebook made the announcement of their new app called Paper, which comes out this week. It's a free app for iOS that takes users created content and news from other, more legitimate sources, and puts them all in the same place.

You can create stories to share with others, or receive stories based on your personal interests. There are different sections that you can pick from like sports, world news, kitty cat pictures, photography, and even food.

The app is pretty similar to the Flipboard app in the sense that the stories have fun layouts, and most of the stories are more based on pictures instead of words. The biggest difference between Paper and Flipboard is that it is really easy for people you follow on Facebook to share stories with you, and you to do the same with them.

Moving around the app is pretty simple. It is designed to use with just your thumb, so all you do is swipe left or right to sift through different stories and then tap on one to open it up when you find something that you are interested in checking out. The pictures in the stories are sometimes panorama photos or just pictures that are too big for the iPhone's screen, so tilting the phone in different directions will reveal the rest of the picture.

The new Paper app is the first app to be made by Facebook Creative Labs, a company within Facebook that lets small groups create standalone mobile apps. This is part of the companies new plan to create more standalone apps rather than apps that work inside of Facebook itself.

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The whole idea behind the new app is to basically re invent Facebook. It uses literally nothing from what Facebook started with, and nothing that we once loved about Facebook. Instead, it focuses more on what Facebook has become. When you log into facebook, pretty much all you are going to see is news stories, animal pictures, and random people that you don't know complaining about their love life or posting five thousand pictures of their children. Paper is basically taking all of that and throwing away the random people complaining about their relationships and pictures of their kids.

It seems logical, it wasn't the original idea behind Facebook, but it is what the social media site has evolved into. Why not cater to the users and give them a less cluttered space to do what they want with? I'll probably give it a shot this week when it releases officially and see what its all about.

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