Thursday, May 29, 2014

Facebook Cuts Down On Automatic Posts In Newsfeed

Are you a full grown man who may have been really embarrassed because Facebook decided to share with the world that you are currently listening to Lady Gaga on Spotify? Whether or not that has ever happened to you, there is still some pretty good news from Facebook, so keep reading anyway.

On Tuesday Facebook announced that they will be cutting down on posts that third party apps make on your behalf that make their way into the Newsfeed.

Most of the time, you don't even know that different apps are making posts for you. You often may get tricked into it when you are first setting up a new app and forget to un-check one of the little boxes that they purposely try to place in a spot where you will overlook it. But luckily, now all of your friends won't always be able to see what you are listening to or how many points you have earned in a dumb game that you probably shouldn't be playing at work anyway.

Facebook's own studies have shown that when a user actually decides to intentionally share a story from a third party app, it gets a lot more attention and interaction than an automatic post. So you will still be able to post on your own behalf from third party apps and have them show up in your friends' Newsfeeds.

Back in 2011, Facebook gave third party apps the ability to post for you and share with others what you are reading, listening to, or watching. They thought it would be cool to give everyone real time updates on what everyone else is doing, but in actuality it wasn't cool at all. It made Facebook feel more like a silly spam website, much like what happened to Myspace which made everyone run away and never look back.

For all of the Facebook users out there, it should bring you great joy to know that your Newsfeed should be chilling out a little bit and you'll actually be getting the updates that you want to see instead of getting apps and products shoved down your throat.

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