Friday, September 19, 2014

Waiting 2 Days In Line For An iPhone 6 To Win Back Your Ex-Wife? Sounds Reasonable

The internet has been abuzz recently with reports coming in from around the world about the first people to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 6 Plus. The sheep fans of Apple's mobile devices have a history of doing ridiculous things in order to be the first one to get their hands on the Cupertino company's "newest" handset. Some people wait in line outside of the store for days, including one Darius Wlodarski. However, Wlodarski has a different reason for waiting in line for the iPhone 6, one that isn't him being the first one to lay hands on the device.

Wlodarski, a Polish-born man who resides in Bristol, waited in line for 44 hours in order to be among the first people to get an iPhone 6. His reasoning? Winning back the love of his ex-wife. Wlodarski's world came crumbling down after he and his wife of 20 years ended their relationship nearly a month ago. Before they broke up, however, Wlodarski promised himself that he'd get her the iPhone 6, which lead him to the lines of the Apple Store in Bristol.

While Wlodarski didn't reveal the specific nature of the couple's split, he did mention that he "wasn't the best husband or father." In a video uploaded by UK news wire SWNS, Wlodarski states, "I didn't know that family is important to me, so I did so many things wrong. So I want to say sorry to my wife and my daughter that I wasn't as good as I could be."

Unfortunately, Wlodarski's reasoning behind why he thinks this plan will work is shaky. As he reports it, the phone is significant because he gave his wife an iPhone two years ago and it "made her very happy." Based on that previous result, Wlodarski believes that this upgrade is sure to do the trick again. "She told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realized we could not afford it but still, I want to buy it for her," Wlodarski added. Reports have noted that Wlodarski is currently unemployed due to health issues and intends to pay for the new phone with a credit card. "I want to say, maybe one day you'll realize ... I could be good again," Wlodarski told SWNS. "I don't know, maybe you'll trust me again. Sorry."

I certainly wish Wlodarski the best of luck in his endeavor to win back is beloved wife. As the old saying goes, you don't truly know how much you love someone until they're gone and Wlodarski is learning that lesson first hand. However, I don't think it's wise to base an entire marriage and life together on something as trivial as an iPhone but hey, what may be true love for Wlodarski and his wife may not be true love for me so to each his own I suppose. The only thing that concerns me now is what the daughter is getting out of this? I think she deserves a new iPhone too right?

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