Thursday, October 16, 2014

Facebook Is Launching A New App So That You Can Talk To People Anonymously

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Soon, Facebook might be giving you the option to share things with other people anonymously. They are getting ready to put out a separate app for it as well.

According to The New York Times, this app is going to come out in just a few weeks. The excuse for the app is that people might want to talk about things that they are embarrassed about and don't want to reveal their identity.

It's a little bit ironic, because right now Facebook is still suffering from the backlash of their "real name policy" where they locked a lot of people out of their accounts for not using their legal name. A lot of the people who this happened to were transgender and going by a different name, so that created even more of an issue for Facebook as you could imagine.

Right now it isn't known if the new app is going to actually connect with the Facebook app in any way or not. It is also a little bit confusing as to why this is even a good idea. People have been anonymously making fun of each other on forums for years now and don't need an app to do it. They say that it may be good for people who want to talk about things without giving out their real name, but lets be honest, we all know what it's really going to be used for, and there is nothing good about it.

People are also saying that the app may be of some benefit to those who have serious health issues that they don't want to make public. Like, people could band together and form a sort of support group without ever revealing who they are in real life.

Whatever it is going to be used for, Facebook has made it clear that releasing this new app is going to be a top priority for them. Up until now, the new messenger app and all of the heat they have been taking for it has been their main focus. With all of that being cleared up for the most part, they can move on and we can finally see what this new mystery app is really going to be all about.

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