Friday, May 29, 2015

Quoted Tweets Will Display Properly with Third-Party Apps

Twitter is has quickly climbed up the social media totem pole, and with ease. Gone are the days of strictly posting to Facebook and waiting for your 15 likes to pop up on your status. Twitter is now one of the three top dogs of social media, right next to Facebook and Instagram. With Twitter becoming such a huge trend now, many businesses and users alike have looked into the best way to utilize their 140 character limit. Hashtags are arguably the most "logical" way to promote yourself, but what about quoting tweets? You just have to worry about losing some of your precious character count... right?

Not necessarily anymore. You no longer have to worry about Twitter tossing quotation marks around all willy-nilly. Now, when you quote a tweet it does what it probably should have done since Twitter has been around: embed the tweet. Whether you have a video or simply an image, when you quote a tweet now it's a much easier and more fulfilling process.

Both businesses and average users alike know how important that 140 character space can be, so when you're able to capitalize on that, it tends to make life a bit easier.

There were some devices out there (cough-Android-cough) that have trouble even loading the Twitter application. With it being as buggy as it was, more than likely due to the fault of updates, the third-party apps started popping up. To be quite honest, some of the third-party apps out there operated better than the actual social media app itself. For small fees, you could download third party apps such as Falcon Pro, Plume for Twitter, and Tweedle, just to name a few. These apps came with widgets and operated much more smoothly than the official app.

Now, even with the addition of third-party apps out there making it easier for you to take full advantage of Twitter's newsfeed, trending topics, and proverbial clown car of hashtags, they're not without flaws. For example, that darn "quote tweet" update didn't register to the third party apps.

A recent development involving Twitter's updates just gave the third-party apps a bone though. With the recent update, your third-party apps like Falcon Pro and Tweetdeck will display quoted tweets the proper way, via the update. Now, it's important to note that the update only allows for the apps to DISPLAY the quoted tweets properly. The new update doesn't actually ALLOW you to quote tweets and have them function the way they would had you quoted via Twitter. You'll still be seeing those quotation marks pop up if you're using the off-brand applications.

That being said, there are talks that we should be seeing an update that will give the third-party apps the ability to quote tweets the way that Twitter does. How soon that update is coming, we're unsure.

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If you're using the third-party apps, then make sure you're concise about your witty commentary when quoting tweets. You're going to need to cut some corners with those Twitter "quotes".

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Live Tweeting an Event Can Help Your Business

When you think social media, there should be about 3 different names that pop into your head without hesitation. The first, and most obvious, is Facebook. Then you might think Instagram. Last, but certainly not least, would be Twitter. Twitter is quickly dominating the social media playing field when it comes to businesses staying connected with potential clientele. Gone are the days of staying at your computer and liking comments to get noticed by hopeful customers. Now, it's become more pertinent to use Twitter as the main vehicle for any business trying to get a leg up on the competition, especially if said business is just starting out.

What do most small businesses do to help get noticed and delve into proper networking? Attend any type of business event they can, of course. One of the best ways to help your networking and grow your audience is by simply live tweeting.

What is live-tweeting? Simple. Tweeting about what people are saying, doing, and just talking about the event as it unfolds.

Some of the best ways to use live-tweeting to your advantage is through audience targeting. Twitter has this lovely little feature called hashtags. By using these hashtags and letting your followers know to use the same hashtag in order to maintain conversation about the event and its keynotes, you're building your audience. Also, make sure to rewrite your bio in order to have it coincide with the event. Maybe even use the event's hashtag to you can hit the largest number from the event audience.

Why not offer a free download of some sort, or some kind of giveaway with the link on a tweet with the event's hashtag? Have attendees go to your booth in order to redeem. There's also the idea of having the giveaway involve retweets or favorites. This alone will increase your engagement with event attendees. Just make sure that you're keeping the tweets short, sweet, and to the point. You could even tweet your own content, like pictures, comments, and quotes.

It also never hurts to show off exactly what your brand's services are as well. Just be sure you're not spamming so that your followers don't get bogged down. Creating a quick YouTube video promoting your services or creating a quick image that shows bullet points or your service in action would be a great way to spread your brand.

A company can use the buzz generated by the live-tweeting to bring attention to a contest or even a big announcement from said company. Again, using the event's hashtag will help your tweet get to the largest targeted audience.

Try catching the attention of both journalists and speakers alike at the event. If you can grab the attention of these journalists, adding them to a private twitter list can help you to find their tweets more easily on your twitter feed. If they tweet something relevant to the event or trade show, make sure to retweet it! Sometimes, you can contact the event organizer to get a hold of the list of bloggers or reporters that will be in attendance.

Any large influences or speakers at this years convention? Live-tweet their speeches. Tweeting these speeches as they're happening will not only provide information to those attending and not attending, but also catch the attention of the speakers themselves. Just make sure you use their proper twitter handle when you do so. If you're lucky, they might event retweet your tweet to their audience, thus giving your brand a bit more headway.

If you're feeling risky, you can even tweet at an influences to see if you can grab an interview with them. This helps grow connections between your business and the speakers. Growing these relationships early on can become crucial to a small business.

It's imperative that you have a Twitter plan going into any event. Live tweeting an event can really help your business and while having a laptop or a smartphone with you at the event will help you still can't do it alone. You're going to need a team to make it happen accordingly. So, the next event or trade show that your business attends, make sure to live-tweet during it and sit back and watch as your brand starts to flourish.

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