Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton Jokes Her Way to Instagram Debut

Pretty much every celebrity in the world has an Instagram. So you would think that a Presidential hopeful would have already had one. But, better late than never, right? That's what my grandpa always said even though my mom said he was wrong.

Hillary Clinton finally got around to making an Instagram account recently. This could be one of the best moves she could ever make to go along with her Presidential campaign. Now she can get in touch with most of the younger generations without spending a dime. And, judging by her posts, it seems like she has a pretty good sense of humor, which people will also be able to relate to.

After just one day on the photo-sharing social media site, which is now owned by Facebook, she already had 100,000 followers. That is a pretty huge number for just one single day. I can't even count that high. In her bio it says she is a “Doting grandmother, among other things”. Starting the jokes early. It already has the #Hillary2016 hashtag along with a link to sign up for her campaign emails as well. What a great marketing plan.

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She is pretty much using Instagram like you would think she would, giving her followers a look into the every day grind of getting her campaign together. She is also counting down the days to her official campaign launch. Like I said earlier, one of the best things she has going for her is her sense of humor. Her first post, which you can see below, was a picture of 9 pant suits. Three red ones, three white ones, and thee blue ones. The caption says "Hard choices".

I see what you did there, Hillary. I see what you did.

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