Monday, August 24, 2015

Stop Bashing Millennials... Seriously

Over the past 200 years, within the U.S. and the majority of the world's developed economies, we have accepted the importance of diversity in national origin, race, creed, and sexual orientation. This helps tremendously with discrimination with social and economic participation. The increasing prosperity of the world really depends a lot on increasing our understanding the importance of diversity.

No matter how much we come together and accept one's diversity, there's still one way we judge those around us and everyone is guilty of doing it. Judging someone based off the generation he or she was born into. Now that people born after 1995 (Gen-Z) are entering the workplace, Millennials, Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers, and Matures now make five generations all working together.

Take into consideration, when someone is bashing a generation, the majority of the time, that exact generation has at least 1 or 2 people present for the conversation. You can't sit through a conversation if it were based on gender, race, or sexual orientation. Basically, the most present stereotype these days are judging people's acts and behaviors based on the generation that had no say in becoming a part of. It's an old way to stereotype folks because they didn't have social media, like we do now, that helps us understand individual behaviors. Let's face it, Facebook knows more about you than your own family.

With multiple generations in the workforce, generation labels become a lot more divisive than productive. If you want a successful business that reaches out to more than half of the world's population (which contains 4.5 billion Millennials and Gen-Zers), then judging generations is not the way to go.

Here are some reasons why you should stop judging generations and move onto a better era.

We're all using the exact same technologies to communicate

For example, Facebook isn't just for high school kids anymore. Grandparents are even creating Facebook pages. These tools that once was a great way to define a generation is now being used at all ages.

Different minds come up with different solutions

Trying to come up with different opportunities and challenges come from thinking from every possible angle. The more minds with past experiences working with the eager and ambitious minds of the future will result in very creative ideas.

Education these days isn't exactly the same as it has been in the past

Kids in school these days are using 3-D printers to make novel medical devices and prosthetics while matures were starting their new careers back in the 70s.

Virtual reality is making is possible for every generation to view others experiences

What used to hold generations closer together were their shared experiences of what couldn't be effectively reproduced. As more and more virtual reality comes up online, we will be able to see what other generations experienced.

The ability technology now gives us can help target the "right" people, not the "right" generation

The biggest benefit with moving into post-generational thinking is that technology will be in how we use behavior to identify and predict preferences, attitudes, and interests. So we won't be judging on generations all together but rather an individual person.

All in all, we are all making up part of the greatest global generational mix of human experiences. So instead of working against one another, we need to start working together and coming up with bigger, stronger, and all around better businesses, technologies, and new creations. Just imagine what all of us could come up with when we all think at different angles!

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