Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Twitter Marketing In 10 Minutes A Day

If you're like me and have an outrageous schedule, your days are more than likely filled to the max. Having to wake up after not enough hours of sleep, rushing to work and trying to avoid all the morning traffic, having your afternoons booked with meetings and last minute deadlines, then evening dinners with friends or family you never get time to see. Top it off by juggling all of this with more last minute work things to finish up or setting up to start your routine all over again the next day. You seem to just not have enough time to breathe, so how do you have enough time to tweet?

Being a digital marketer, you probably less time than any of us! Any opportunity you get to cut back minutes or even hours off your daily tasks, you'll surely take it. Researching and testing out new tools, updating ad campaigns, managing creatives and building community. Anything to spare you some time so here is a template for only spending just 10 minutes a day marketing your Twitter account, to free up some time. And the best thing is that you don't need a computer or a laptop to be effective! You can handle all of your Twitter marketing from a smartphone or tablet if you wanted to.

Minute 1. Log on to Twitter. Check your notifications and respond to anyone who @mentioned you since the last 10-minute session you were on. And while you're at it, if you want, you can thank your followers for retweets or favorites.

Minutes 2-3. Write 2-5 tweets that you would like to be tweeted that day.

Minutes 4-6. Log on to Socialoomph, TweetDeck, HootSuite or any scheduling tool you like to use. Schedule the tweets you wrote for the day, using a schedule you created with the tool or based on your audience insights.

Minutes 7-8. Browse your Twitter lists that you already have, for influencers, industry-related brand advocates and other accounts to retweet and reply to. Try to make 2-3 interactions from your lists every day.

Minutes 9-10. By using Twitter's advanced search or a saved search from previous sessions, search for keywords related to your industry or targeted audience. Try to follow at least 10 accounts that use those keywords each day.

If you go by this schedule, it will keep your Twitter account active and will also allow for growth. It does, however, need a few key items set in place for it to work properly:

  • A solid understanding of your target audience.
  • A high-level strategy.
  • Some awesome content (such as pre-rendered videos, landing pages, images, etc...).
  • One or more relevant Twitter lists that you've put together that contains accounts that help with retweeting or engaging with.

These are the only things that really need to be done outside of these 10 minutes per day. It's also good for your account to unfollow accounts that either don't follow you back or have little strategic value.

This is a great strategy for smaller accounts, but won't necessarily work for you if you are seeing a lot of @mentions or using Twitter for customer service. In that case, you can still use this 10-minute strategy, you'll just have to increase time to you reading and replying to customer tweets. It's still a great strategy and has a lot of great outcomes to prove it.

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