Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 Tips For Repurposing Your Old Content

We can't deny the fact that we all have blogs on our sites that just seem to be gathering dust. Besides the random view or comment on an old post, our older content gets overlooked A LOT! Mainly because it's either outdated or Google tends to want to focus on more of the newer indexed material.

Your content should never go to waste, especially when there are numerous ways to repurpose your old content. You've already done the research needed, so just update, change the format and get more out of your blogs.

Refresh Your Old Material

The archives of your already existing blogs contain tons of info that you can easily reuse. You've already posted the content, so you know which blogs worked better than others. This gives you a good idea of what you can successfully reuse.

But this time, instead of using the exact same article, try adding a little more information here and there. Add small details in the blog, that you know has worked before.

Take into consideration, college textbooks. Their basic structure as a book doesn't change from year to year. New information just gets added to the pre-existing content. It gives the companies a quick turnaround and room to upcharge on the new textbook.

Turn Blog Posts Into SlideShare Presentations

If you take your old blog posts and turn them into SlideShare presentations, it will increase your traffic and may even get you new leads on clientele. SlideShare is only growing bigger and bigger, and having you share in that will get you, new viewers and potential customers. The best method to having great SlideShare posts is great imagery and well-presented information.

Keep in mind, when you save your infographics to SlideShare, it has to be saved in a one-page PDF format before you upload it. This will then have SlideShare automatically detect it as an infographic and list it in the infographic directory.

Create Top Ten Lists

Lists tend to do great on the Internet! Take some info from your most successful posts and create top ten lists out of them. Then you can link your original blog post with the clips in the list and draw traffic back to your site.

Start A Newsletter

By sending out newsletters to your clients, you can introduce them to content they might be intrigued by. If you use outside articles for the content of your newsletter, make sure you provide your sources, so you don't get in trouble for copy writing.

Use Small Clips From Old Posts

Some of the most powerful content doesn't come from long blogs. It's just snippets of those quality articles that gets you interested. Post clips with links back to your original blog and watch the traffic you draw in.

All in all, don't ignore your old content. Those old blogs can easily be brushed off, polished up, and reposted as new content, with very little effort. Aside from the examples provided, research some more ways you can get more value out of those old blogs. You'd be amazed at what you can do with all that content you've already worked hard on!

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