Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Starting Your Business On Social Media

Are you trying to launch a presence for your business in the world of social media? It's not as easy as some might have you believe. Creating a strong foundation on social media will assist you in building visibility and connections for your business. The world revolves around social media and the platforms we have today are some of the best ways to interact with customers and really understand what they want and how you can give it to them. So what are you supposed to do and how are you supposed to do it? Come with me and I'll show you.

Make Sure Your Profiles Are Filled Out

It is imperative that you take all of your social media profiles and fill them out completely. Incomplete or inactive social media business accounts give users little to no reason to like your page or follow you. In addition to that, inactivity will also probably have the same effect. It's amazing how many social profiles are out there that are incomplete or inactive for months and even years.

Make sure you keep these questions in mind when filling out your social media profiles: What will people gain from following? Do profile summaries and descriptions include Who, What, Where, and Why? Is your contact information clearly visible and up-to-date?

Share Buttons Are Critical

The easier it is for people to share your content on their own social media the more likely they are to actually do it. That is why you need to make sure that your blogs and pages have social media sharing buttons installed. Almost every single blogging platform out there these days has plugins and options for adding social media sharing buttons to your posts so there's really no excuse not to have them other than laziness.

Request Feedback From Customers

Customer reviews have a very real effect on consumers. How often do people read reviews on products they are buying off Amazon? How many times to people check out Yelp before going out to a restaurant? The answer is all the time. Research shows that people take online customer reviews and opinions into account when they have to make a purchase decision. If you're not getting a lot of reviews from customers then you should try asking people to post a review on Google, Facebook, or another social media channel that you are interested in. This is the perfect way to find out what customers think and how they feel about your products and/or services.

The More Profiles The Better

If you really want to succeed in social media for your business then making just a Facebook account or Twitter account won't cut it. You need to target as many social media platforms as possible, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tumblr. All of these accounts may seem unnecessary at first, but it is absolutely critical to the success of your business and gets what you want to say out to as many people as possible. Heck even using Snapchat has started to become a thing for businesses.

Don't Block Blog Comments

Commenting systems, including Facebook, Livefyre, and Disqus, make it very easy for people to interact with your content through social media. Each of these systems has certain advantages to them as well. Livefyre is great if you are trying to encourage discussion and is used by sites like Hootsuite, CNET, and New York Magazine. Disqus offers very good moderating tools and requires users to make an account prior to posting comments. However, make sure you moderate your comments sections for things like spammers.

Make A Connection With Followers

Social media, believe it or not, is about being social! If you only make posts about your products and services in an attempt to generate sales then you will more than likely have all of those efforts fall on deaf ears. Unless you are actively speaking with people, your message won't get heard. You don't have to respond to every single comment, but you should try to start some type of interaction with your followers by responding to questions or giving out more information when and where it is needed. This lets people know that you are, in fact, a human being and not some autonomous robot.

Well, there you have it! If your business is new or just new to social media then these tips should help you get the ball rolling in no time! Remember, social media is the very best way to engage with your customers and really spread your company, your products, and your brand as far as possible!

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