Thursday, June 02, 2016

Instagram Announces New Tools For Business Accounts

 The most notable feature is going to be a contact button added to the profiles of businesses. This feature will make it easier for consumers to interact with businesses outside of Instagram. In addition, companies will also be able to add an email address, phone contact, and even an address with directions (for businesses in which a physical location is important).

In the past, many Instagram users (businesses and consumers alike) have relied on sifting through comment after comment to connect with their customers on the platform.
However, in the new update, Instagram will try to refocus businesses to the private messaging feature that is already available.

Furthermore, users whom have business profiles will have access to detailed analytics -- a first for the Instagram platform. These analytics will be much like the view available to current businesses on Facebook.

For example, the analytics will show a detailed view at post engagement audience and follower demographics.

Small business users will find the platform's overhaul particularly appealing. Whereas large companies have been advertising on the platform for some time, many small business users also rely on the app to drum up new business.

With the platform's new promotional tools, small and large businesses alike will be able to reach beyond their current followers via sponsored posts. Much like Facebook, Instagram users will be able to select a target audience and call to action for their advertisements.

Though the already 400 million user-strong platform has had advertising for quite awhile, the new overhaul will give business users a much better mobile experience to broadcast to the customer as well as to optimize their information.

Furthermore, Instagram promises that these changes are only the tip of the iceberg for business application of their platform.

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